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Corey Morton

Spend five minutes with him, and you will come in contact with his passion; For music. For people. For life. For Christ. It all makes sense if you know Corey Akeem Morton, born and raised in Sacramento, California. As a Father and Minister, Songwriter, and Producer know firsthand the transformative power of God. In his teenage days, he used drugs and later sold controlled substances to users to make a quick dollar; which is why now he is so excited about being a new creation in Christ; and why he is so zealous about sharing the gospel and serving the people around him. Currently, Corey is our Associate Minister of our young adults' ministry called the P.L.U.G.




Yasim Butler

Ordination Service  (1920 × 1080 px).png

Calling and mission are unique to each person—God-gifted Minister Yasim Butler with a calling to serve our youth. His passion is to help young people find an intimate, personal relationship with the humanity of Jesus so that they can see his light reflected in their own humanity. 

A graduate of Southwestern Christian College School of Biblical Studies, Yasim has lived out his calling as an educator with the Fairfield Suisun Unified School District for the last seven years. Currently, Yasim is our Youth Minister for God's A.R.M.Y.


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