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It is with unbounded joy and humility that we share this brief history of the BayNorth Church of Christ.


In 2001, our late brother in Christ, Donald Williams, husband of Mattie Williams, had the vision to start a new work in the Cordelia/Fairfield/Suisun area. A small group of members came together to be a part of brother Williams’ vision; Sam & Sonia Morris, Gamile & Annalisa Williams, Corey & Kim Williams, Bakari Williams, Bernie Mullins, Marcia Brown, Robert & Trystal Walker, and Lewis & Sheila Lanham. 


With the prayers, spiritual blessings, and financial support of the leadership and members of our sister congregation, Southside Church of Christ, from which many of us migrated, we set out on a journey to establish the work in this area.


Although we are united with all of the churches of Christ as part of the body of Christ, an identifying name for this congregation was needed. Founding members created our name while having dinner at the home of Donald and Mattie Williams. Consistent with Mark 16:15, our mission statement became, “Saving Souls is Our Goal.”  We were then officially the BayNorth Church of Christ.


Weekly Bible studies were hosted in the home of Sam and Sonia Morris; And on September 1, 2002, our worship continued to our first building, Oakbrook Elementary School, in the city of Cordelia. Subsequently, BayNorth began to grow spiritually and by numbers. As a result, we outgrew Oakbrook Elementary School and relocated to the Fairfield Community Center, where services were held for several years. The Lord continued to bless BayNorth not only in the increase of membership but more importantly our faith and hope. Our leading brothers Sam Morris and Mike Washington had visions of stabilizing our mobile congregation, collapsing our wilderness experience, and transitioning us to a permanent residency and work in this community. It was time for radical change, forward movement, and a visionary.    


In 2008, brother Jack Wooling ordained Sam Morris and Mike Washington as Senior and Associate Ministers of BayNorth Church of Christ; In the same year, we acquired the 2,500 square foot property at 2590 North Texas St., where we labored for three years. 


After much prayer, our congregation set off on a new venture to purchase, remodel, and occupy our most previous home at 1720 West Texas St. The 6,000 square feet was purchased in 2011 and after an extensive upgrade, we settled into our new building in 2012. And seven years later, in August 2018, God surely expanded our ministry when He blessed us with over 36,000 square feet of space here at 2100 Pennsylvania Ave.


Our Lord has anointed the work here at BayNorth. Many souls have been baptized into His church and under the leadership of Pastor Sam Morris various efforts and in-house ministries were established, such as; Food and Clothing Drive, Women’s Lectureship, Scholarship Program, Thanksgiving Basket Giveaway, Community Outreach Programs, Benevolence, Hospitality, Culinary, P.L.U.G. (Producing Light Under God), I.H.W. (Individual, Happy, and Whole), Sister Slam, and Sunny Sixties.


In our 18 years as an organized body of believers, we trust God sent us to the Fairfield area to carry out His divine purpose. We trust under the leadership of Sam Morris, God has greater work in store for His church. 


Our journey began with the vision, love, and hope of Donald Williams. BayNorth has become the embodiment of his humble influence to save souls. May we remain in total commitment to God’s service; Give Him honor and glory for Who He was and Who He is.  Amen.

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